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Neumann Steel joins Government program to support female employment

Career Revive is a government program created to support employers to attract and retain women returning to work after a career break.

KPMG is assisting businesses make appropriate cultural and practical changes to ensure they offer a more attractive workplace to female employees.

The program will provide a specialist consultant to support businesses to identify workplace or cultural changes that will improve the recruitment, retention and promotion of women.

Pictured L to R – Mark Shearman (Director), Kathy Bartley (General Manager), Marc Neumann (Director) and Paul Neumann (Director)

The expansion of the Career Revive program includes businesses that operate within industries that experience higher levels of gender segregation such as Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade.

This program is helping Australian businesses identify the barriers women face and address them.

‘The expansion of this program is part of the Morrison Government’s ongoing commitment to provide Australian women with the choices and opporunities they expect and deserve, and remove barriers for women returning to work.’

To date the Career Revive program has supported 18 businesses with another 12 currently in the third year of the pilot.

In May 2021, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment selected 19 businesses for the 2021 intake. Key selection criteria included industry, size, location and capacity to implement changes to support women in the organisation.

More information on Career Revive, including the businesses selected for the 2021 intake and case studies of businesses that have participated in the program, can be found at the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website.