NuPod Void Formers

Oliver Kelly Group


The Oliver Kelly Group has been operating since 2010, they are based on the Northwest Coast of Tasmania.


They wished to save space on-site and eliminate mess and waste.  They also wished to reduce freight costs for product delivery.


Plastic void formers such as NuPod do not result in the leftover mess on-site that occurs with polystyrene pods. The waste is costly to remove and if blown off-site can result in damage to the environment. Unlike polystyrene pods, NuPod is stackable, this results in a significant reduction in freight costs.


The Oliver Kelly Group sees NuPod as a lower cost alternative. They compared NuPod with another plastic void former available in the market, however the concrete savings using NuPod instead of the other plastic void former was significant. The overall saving being approximately 100 cubic metres.

Both the Builder and the Concreter were very happy with the NuPod installation and the product's performance.


"Saving in concrete volume was promised and the Conereter and Surveyor were very happy with NuPod on-site. Very happy to continue to use NuPod."

Aaron Jackson, Construction Manager - Oliver Kelly Group