NuPod®: creating planet-friendly and productive building sites, one slab at a time

An innovative alternative void former, NuPod® is environmentally friendly, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint.

Void Formers Designed for forward-thinking construction professionals

The NuPod® plastic void formers system empowers every person in the building process to access the benefits of a seamless and sustainable concreting workflow. Today’s homeowners and architects seek partners who care deeply about the quality, sustainability and longevity of their materials used throughout their building projects – even the ones they’ll never see.

By choosing NuPod® over traditional polystyrene void formers for your concrete structures, you’ll support every person in the process – from engineers and architects to builders and concreters – to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst also accessing the cost-saving and efficiency benefits of the physical properties of our unique, patented system to ensure everything is in situ for their project.

How NuPod® revolutionises the concreting workflow

Every aspect of NuPod®’s void formers for concrete slabs has been carefully chosen to maximise efficiency, from transportation to pouring the concrete slab. The result? A highly productive process and a quality slab – a solid foundation for structural integrity using the practical structure of waffle pods. As an alternative to polystyrene waffle pods, NuPod void formers result in a solid foundation providing structural integrity.



Built from 100% recycled plastic



Innovative, stackable design



Flexible modular system

No Waste

No Waste

Eliminates on-site waste

Laying a quality foundation with NuPod®’s patented design

NuPod® supports concreters to lay quality slabs with exceptional speed and accuracy. Not only that, a NuPod® eco-friendly slab is deemed to conform with Australian Standards AS 2870-2011. Builders and concreters alike choose NuPod® due to its innovative features, including:

NuPod void formers are the practical, simple, solution for use on expansive soils.

Placed in compliance with Residential Slabs and Footings | Australian Standards (AS 2870:2011)

Why construction professionals choose NuPod® Void Formers

Controlled costs, preventing budget blowouts

NuPod® allows builders to accurately estimate the total cost of the slab, including reo steel and concrete volume.

Easy and cost-effective transportation

NuPod®’s stackable design reduces the freight required to deliver void formers by two-thirds.

Sustainable and planet-friendly solution

NuPod® is made from *100% recycled polypropylene, keeping waste out of landfill and building greener foundations, just as a cardboard void would.

You’re in great company

*Made from up to 100% recycled polypropylene