NuPod Void Formers



Innovative for efficiency

Every element of NuPod®’s design has been created for maximum efficiency in the concrete slab laying process. The couplings’ angled wings effortlessly guide steel reinforcement into place. The NuPod® system features patented, built-in interlocking spacers, which enable concreters to deploy the pods accurately and quickly.

The built-in bar chair (used for 85mm thick slabs) facilitates the quick installation of mesh – eliminating the need to manually insert bar chairs as you would with polystyrene pods. When installing 100mm thick slab use NuRail® 40-55, you can use holes found within NuPod® for easy insertion.


Environmentally sustainable

At NuPod®, we understand that architects, builders and engineers are constantly seeking out partners with a true commitment to designing and manufacturing more sustainable building materials.

Our pods are manufactured using *100% recycled polypropylene, preventing tonnes of plastic from ending up in landfill. In addition, every feature of NuPod is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the concreting process. This starts with significantly reducing the amount of freight required to transport the void formers to site, and ends with allowing concreters to accurately estimate the amount of void formers, concrete and steel required. Because there is no waste remaining at the end of the job, builders won’t be left with a messy and expensive clean up job, or the risk of void formers blowing away and contaminating waterways or nature strips.


Stackable and flexible

NuPod® was designed in consultation with Neumann Steel’s network of forward-thinking construction professionals, to support one clear mission: creating the clean, orderly and efficient job sites of the future.

A key element of NuPod®’s design is the stackable nature of each component. Not only does this ensure that our pods will take up less space on your construction site, but it ensures that the quantity of NuPod® required for three residential slabs can be delivered in a single load.

Once the pods have been delivered, concreters have the ability to break them down to the perfect size to allow for plumbing and other services, or to fit tricky parts of non-standard slab designs. This flexibility is created to eliminate waste from site, keeping projects moving along as efficiently as possible.


Compliant with AS 2870-2011

NuPod®’s revolutionary system stands apart from other plastic void formers available in the market. Every element of its design has been carefully considered to make the entire slab installation process simple and seamless.

NuPod® is a waffle raft system, when it is placed as per the installation guide it complies with the Australian Standards AS 2870-2011. 

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*Produced with up to 100% recycled polypropylene