NuPod Void Formers

Bold Living


Bold Living is a midsized, Queensland boutique builder. They were established in 2010, building homes from Tweed Heads to the Sunshine Coast. They have received the HIA Medium Professional Builder Award.


Bold Living’s management wished to explore their options for building a more environmentally sustainable home. This lead them to investigate alternative eco friendly products that they could use in the foundations of the homes they build.

Another consideration is that plastic void formers are stackable so they take up a lot less space on site than polystyrene pods, which is a problem with today’s smaller block sizes.


Adrian Bond, their Construction Operations Manager decided to trial a couple of plastic void former alternatives to polystyrene. They trialed NuPod and another plastic void former product.

An additional benefit is a reduction in delivery cost, as the reinforcing steel and the NuPod can be delivered in one truck load, instead of separate deliveries.


After trialing both products they have decided to continue with NuPod. One of the deciding factors for continuing with NuPod is their innovative built-in interlocking coupling system. This feature saves considerable time during installation and adds additional strength to the foundations.

Bold Living are so confident that NuPod is the best plastic void former in the marketplace, they have signed an exclusive deal to convert all of their slabs to NuPod for FY24.


Nathan Boucher, Boucher’s Concrete commented that “NuPod is by far the best void former system we have worked with, our teams are very experienced with polystyrene and other plastic void former systems”.

“Bold Living are proud to partner with Neumann Steel and install NuPod in all of our projects. At Bold Living we like to stay ahead of the curve and see that sustainable building products are the way of the future”.

Adrian Bond, Construction Operations Manager – Bold Living