NuPod Void Formers

Gemini Homes


Gemini Homes Mackay is a leading custom home builder that has been serving the Mackay community for over 28 years.


When installing waffle pods made from polystyrene there are waste off cuts. Polystyrene is very lightweight and if the waste is not removed from site immediately it can end up being blown off the building site and may also end up polluting water ways. Disposing of this waste in a regional location such as Mackay is problematic.

The site manager wished to eliminate this problem, therefore saving time and money.


NuPod has many advantages over polystyrene waffle pods

  • More cost effective to transport to regional locations
  • It is stackable so it takes up less space on-site
  • Secured to pallets so it will not blow around on-site
  • No waste to be collected after installation
  • Produces a stronger foundation as the pods lock together



The Concreters prefer NuPod as it is more cost effective to install. As there is no adverse impact due to bad weather, they can complete the concrete pour on schedule.

The innovative design feature of the built-in couplings allows a faster installation and results in a more stable foundation.


“We are happy we moved to NuPod. Concreters and engineers prefer to use this product and we now have eliminated the messy waste from our sites. A far better foundation system.”

Brad Evans, Estimator – Gemini Homes