NuPod Void Formers

NuPod® wins National Award

NuPod®, a sustainable waffle pod alternative developed by Neumann Steel, has been awarded the 2021 HIA Australian GreenSmart Product of the Year. NuPod® is the latest innovative product from Neumann Steel, an Australian company that has been producing reinforcing steel products for more than 50 years.

NuPod® is manufactured in Australia and has been designed to replace polystyrene waffle pods, which are the current industry standard for use in residential concrete slabs. NuPod® was awarded the 2021 HIA Australian GreenSmart Product of the Year due to its environmental benefits, as NuPod® is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic.

NuPod® is not only a sustainable alternative to traditional polystyrene waffle pods but also has many other benefits. NuPod® has been designed to reduce concrete blowouts in the slab and can be stacked for easy storage onsite. NuPod® also allows easier installation for concreters in comparison with traditional waffle pods, as NuPod® is interlocking and has built-in spacers and chairs to reduce the number of pieces required.

The 2021 HIA Australian GreenSmart Product of the Year Award was given in recognition of NuPod®’s sustainable qualities and benefits for users, including concreters, builders and homeowners.

We are so excited to announce that NuPod® has been awarded the 2021 HIA Australian GreenSmart Product of the Year! This award was given based on its environmental benefits, including how it replaces polystyrene waffle pods. You can learn more by visiting or contacting us at