NuPod Void Formers

True plastic pod solution

It’s often dissatisfaction with the status quo that leads to the spark of an idea or a new and enhanced way of producing a market standard. This was the case with Neumann Steel, a long-term innovator in the building and construction industry.

Focusing on manufacturing solutions for its customer base, the company designed an eco-friendly waffle raft system for concrete slabs that is lightweight, easy to transport and install, provides a higher insulation value and improves material estimations for builders.
Ross Cook, Sales Manager at Neumann Steel, says NuPod was developed as an alternative to the polystyrene waffle pod and to improve the efficiency and environmental outcomes of waffle raft systems.
“NuPod is made from 100 per cent recycled polypropylene plastic and offers a cleaner material separation process when slab demolition is undertaken,” says Ross. “The product’s built-in features reduce the number of items to be handled and placed when preparing a slab compared to that of other systems.”

The NuPod patented interlocking spacers enable the rapid deployment of pods into position and keep a slab secure during a concrete pour. Suitable for both 85 and 100-mm thick slabs, individual pods can also be broken down into modules of various sizes to allow for plumbing and other services, or to create concrete slabs with an irregular design.

One of the NuPod main benefits to builders and trades is its stackable feature, helping to save space on site, especially advantageous when working on small or narrow inner-city locations.

Ross says that the product can easily stack together with steel and other materials on one truck, helping to reduce transport costs and exhaust emissions.
“Four pallets hold enough NuPods to create a 200-square metre concrete slab,’ he explains. “Customer feedback has been excellent from residential and small commercial builders, but also particularly our regional customers, as the NuPod often gives them an improvement in cost and reliability in delivery.”
Importantly, builders have found that the product consistently allows for accurate material, steel and concrete estimation, reducing material wastage as well as cost blowout. Its installation process also leaves no waste onsite and therefore eliminates waste collection at the end of the job – something HIA member Neumann Steel was conscious of in its design process.

Award-winning design
NuPod impressed HIA judges with its innovation and environmental benefits, including its high R-value rating to insulate a home from beneath, and granted it the 2021 HIA Australian Green Smart Product award.

“We’re very proud of the Neumann Steel team who contributed to the development of NuPod over the past few years,” says Ross Cook. “Winning the award allowed us a chance to reflect on the hard work that went into taking the vision of a recycled plastic option to the market.”

NuPod is manufactured in Australia and is currently available to the building industry in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and SA.

NuPod is manufactured in Australia and is currently available to the building industry in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and SA.

Publication – BuildIT