NuPod Void Formers

NuPod Elevating Efficiency and Sustainability On-Site.

For homeowners, builders, and developers alike, the pursuit of on-site efficiency, sustainability and cost savings are at the forefront of planning, making NuPod void formers the perfect site companion.

Efficient Eco Builder

At NuPod, we recognised an opportunity to provide a product, perfect for architects, builders, and engineers seeking more sustainable building materials and practises.

NuPod is crafted with a dedication to sustainability, using recycled plastics with each build preventing tonnes of plastic from ending up in landfill and waterways, aligning with our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

Beyond the material composition of our pods, every aspect of NuPod is designed to minimise the carbon footprint on every new home. From accurately planning the amount of NuPod products required for the slab to significantly reducing freight requirements associated with transporting void formers to site.

NuPod streamlines operations for builders, engineers, and concreters, making sites less congested, safer and the entire lab installation process quicker.

One notable NuPod advantage is the absence of waste at the completion of each job, achieved through our versatile multi-size pods which are delivered in space saving stacks, eliminating expensive post-pour clean-ups and the removal of unused or damaged polystyrene pods.

Join us in embracing a cleaner, greener future with NuPod, where innovation meets responsibility, and every project contributes to a more sustainable world.