NuPod Void Formers

From plastic peril to sustainable solutions NuPod is leading the environmental charge.

The global issue of discarded single-use plastic has reached alarming proportions, with environmental consequences echoing across oceans and landscapes. At NuPod, we recognise the urgent need for sustainable solutions, and are proud to be at the forefront of change across the building industry.

It’s a global plastic predicament with discarded single-use plastic posing a severe threat to the planet, filling landfills, contaminating water bodies, and endangering wildlife.

With an ongoing commitment to sustainability, NuPod has emerged as a beacon of change across the construction and concreting industry. Our patented void former pods are manufactured using recycled plastics with each slab preventing tonnes of plastic from ending up in the environment and landfills. This commitment aligns with the organisations broader movement to repurpose and recycle materials, reducing the demand for new plastic production. NuPod goes beyond material composition, with every feature meticulously designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the concreting process. By significantly cutting down the amount of freight required to transport void formers to construction sites, NuPod minimises emissions associated with transportation, contributing to a cleaner atmosphere. One of NuPods standout features is its efficiency in resource management. Builders and concreters can accurately estimate the amount of void formers, concrete, and steel required for each build, leaving no waste at the end of the job.

NuPod stands as a testament to the positive changes achievable when innovation meets environmental responsibility and by choosing NuPod, Architects, Builders, Engineers and Concreters are able to play an active role in combating the plastic predicament, contributing to a cleaner and greener future for generations to come.